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Upcoming Opportunity: TEDxFoggyBottom

While Leaders in Lowell is working on developing Spring 2021 programming, I highly recommend attending TEDxFoggyBottom's Spring 2021 conference, En Route. I have been working on this conference since joining the TEDx team at George Washington University last fall, and this is going to be a great conference! We have a fantastic lineup that we will be announcing in the coming days and I hope to see you all in attendance at this virtual conference. Read more about our theme "En Route" and buy tickets below! Coming to your screen on April 17th, 2021, TEDxFoggyBottom will welcome a group of pioneers who will drive our thinking forward with an exploration of fresh, innovative ideas with our theme: En Route. Our speakers will share their groundbreaking ideas and influential work needed to pave the road towards our brighter, collective future. As society moves into uncharted territory, challenges force us to examine our past, measure our impact, and consider our trajectory. The unimaginable hardships we have faced have tested and solidified our strength. As a community, we are even more determined to drive change, find hope, and inspire action En Route. Follow this link to get tickets, and when it asks you for a team member, select "Daniel Russell". Email me at with any questions and I hope to see you all there! Please share the confernece details with freinds and family as well! Get Tickets!

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