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Past Events - Jasmine Grace

Virtual Discussion Series with

Jasmine Grace

Human Sex Trafficking Survivor & Author

Founder, Jasmine Grace Outreach

Podcast Episode HERE!

On September 10, 2020 Leaders in Lowell was joined by author and founder of Jasmine Grace Outreach, Jasmine Grace. A survivor of sex trafficking and drug abuse, Jasmine shared her powerful and moving story of recovery and success. She shared many resources as well as first hand takes on the best ways for us as a culture and community to support our most vulnerable members. Jasmine spoke on the shame survivors feel and the path to redemption as well as how we can alleviate that struggle. We hope you enjoy this talk as well as take some time to view the resources she shared below for victims as well as how communities of people can support survivors.

This event was held virtually as a part of Leaders in Lowell's new "Virtual Discussion Series". This series is being held online as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.


Jasmine Grace Outreach -

National Human Trafficking Hotline - / 1-888-373-7888 MA. Domestic Violence Hotline - / 1-877-785- 2020

National Sexual Assault Hotline - / 1-800-656-4637

Find Jasmine's Book HERE!

The Diary of Jasmine Grace - Trafficked. Recovered. Redeemed.


About Jasmine

"As a survivor of sex trafficking and drug addiction, Jasmine is an effective keynote speaker, panel participant and facilitator for trainings, workshops and groups. She has spoken on panels at the U.S Commission on Civil Rights in New Hampshire and at two side panels for members of the United Nations in New York.

In addition, Jasmine consults with healthcare professionals, law enforcement personnel, educators and nonprofit organizations. She advises on issues such as safe homes, program growth, curriculum development, survivor support and peer mentorship. She is Founder and Director of Bags of Hope Ministries, and Author of The Diary of Jasmine Grace. Trafficked. Recovered. Redeemed." (From Jasmine's Website Biography)

"In her true story, The Diary of Jasmine Grace, this modern-day abolitionist reflects on the values and experiences that influenced her. From dating a man who would eventually sell her body, to finding redemption in the back seat of a car, Jasmine reveals the strengths, vulnerabilities and processes that changed her. She opens a door into her life as a prostitute, sharing her diary and the struggles that eventually landed her a seat in a 12-step program, a job in the anti-trafficking movement and a place in a community church. Speaking candidly about her years as a prostitute and heroin addict, Jasmine discusses how faith influenced her, and she sheds light on the road to recovery, relapse and redemption." (The Diary of Jasmine Grace)


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