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Past Events - Deval Patrick

Virtual Discussion Series with

Governor Deval Patrick

71st Governor of Massachusetts

Podcast Episode HERE!

On May 26 2020 Leaders in Lowell was joined by Deval Patrick, the 71st Governor of Massachusetts and former presidential candidate, for a discussion about his career, race relations, civic engagement, and more. Governor Patrick gave us insight into his early life growing up on the South Side of Chicago, and the lessons he learned that helped shape him into the leader he is today. From talking about the importance of mentors and compassionate leaders, to being the first black Governor of Massachusetts, our discussion with Governor Patrick provides timely insight into how citizens at all levels can participate in making their communities a better place through bipartisan leadership and involvement.

This event was held virtually as a part of Leaders in Lowell's new "Virtual Discussion Series". This series is being held online as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.


About Governor Patrick: (from his Together Fund bio)

"Born on the South Side of Chicago, he lived with his grandparents, his mother, and his sister in their grandparents’ two bedroom tenement, much of that time on welfare. Through the love and support of family, great teachers, adults in the neighborhood and in church, he became the first in his family to attend college and law school.

Deval has always been called to service, but that service has not always been in the public sector. He led reforms at Texaco, where a court appointed him to create a more equitable and inclusive workplace, and at Coca-Cola, where he stood up for employees and unions. In 2006, completing one of the most extraordinary political journeys the state of Massachusetts had ever seen, he won a landslide victory to become Massachusetts’ first black Governor. Serving from 2007-2015, he used his time in the State House to pull together disparate factions to achieve lasting reform. By the end of his second term, Massachusetts ranked first in the nation in energy efficiency, first in health care coverage, and first in student achievement. After ranking 47th in the nation for job creation, Massachusetts grew to a 25-year employment high. It became a global center for life sciences, biotech, clean tech, and advanced manufacturing. After he left office, Deval joined Bain Capital to launch an impact investing fund. This new fund, Bain Capital Double Impact, has invested hundreds of millions of dollars into mission-driven companies that target both social and environmental good. His life has always been about rejecting false choices, and his new fund was meant to show that private companies can be a force for public good. Throughout his time in public office and in the private sector, he has been a leader in developing solutions to the challenges we continue to face as a country: climate change, health care, the future of work and innovation."


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