Leaders in Lowell Finalist for Power of Youth Challenge Grant

Leaders in Lowell was recently named as one of ten finalists for America's Promise Alliances' "Power of Youth Challenge" accelerator grant.

The Power of Youth Challenge "invites you to bring positive change to your community by leading a local service project. You can make a difference and develop skills you can use now and in the future. We know it can be hard to find the time and resources to volunteer. We are committed to empowering more young people like you have the support you need to be agents of change and create opportunities to do good in your community." (America's Promise Alliance)

Leaders in Lowell was awarded a mini-grant from America's Promise Alliance, The Charles Mott Foundation, and Peace First that helped to fund our recent June 26 event with Rena Finder.

We are very excited to be finalists for this grant and we are grateful for all the help America's Promise Alliance and Peace First has offered us.

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